I Would Not Have Dreamt of an English Academic Career: An Interview with Professor Milada Franková

by Michaela Medveďová, Anežka Hrežová

Imagine studying English during the period it was considered to be the “enemy” language. Few English-spoken movies, restrictions on books, and scarce contact with native speakers. This is what the Department of English and American Studies looked like in the sixties when Professor Milada Franková was a student here. Now, being one of the most valued members of the Department, she offers an insight into the struggles and joys of a different era. Read more

The Power of Virtual Reality

by Patrícia Iliašová


Although I can hear the voice of the instructor, who hands me the controllers of the HTC Vive while explaining which button does what, I find it very easy to forget the reality around me. The small, rather dark room along with the people in it quickly disappears and one forgets how they look with headphones over their heads and a rather large headset attached to the computer with a cable that casually hangs above them. Not even occasional laughs are a great disturbance when the elevator doors open up and I find myself on the top floor of a tall business centre, with the view of the entire city below me, but with only a thin plank for me to stand on. The instructor dares me to jump, but my knees are trembling, and I can feel my heartbeat becoming quicker, although I am aware of the fact that I am still in that room and the plank is just an illusion. Read more

Trump: a Superhero, a Sexist or a Stand-up Comedian?

by Pavla Wernerová

Even though Trump called media “the enemy of the American People” after his inauguration  it is the media who are partly responsible for him becoming the President. Even though “of the 100 circular print newspapers,” only “ two endorsed him”, as the saying goes “even bad publicity is good publicity”. Nevertheless, there is a strong difference between how he is depicted in the left and right-wing media. As Margaret Sullivan, an editor of The Washington Post points out, news makes its way quickly through the media. Quite often, the news which is most bizarre and unbelievable is the news spread by Trump himself: “once the president tweets it, it’s undeniably news, picked up by everywhere and re-amplified — especially by right-wing sites. Even though Trump’s comments are quite often based only on his personal feelings and his desire to express his thoughts on everything he can, his sources are usually unclear. Apart from his comments on the internet, his behaviour and his public speeches also add up to his public image in the media. How is Trump depicted in the American media? In particular, the liberal media, and what is his public image? Is he a superhero, a sexist or a stand-up comedian? And does he actually stay true to his words?

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Post-Brexit Britain According to the Acting British Ambassador

By Markéta Šonková


Photo by Eva Růžičková

On March 29, Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. With such a step, she commenced a two-year process of the UK exiting the EU. This decision is also the result of last year’s referendum, known simply as Brexit, where the Leave campaign won by a slight, yet decided, margin. On April 11, the acting British Ambassador, Her Excellency Jan Thompson OBE, thanks to the invitation of the Student Section of IIPS, visited the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, and talked about Czech-UK relations and also about Brexit and the future of Scotland in the light of Brexit.

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“My posting to Prague is definitely the nicest place I have ever been posted to”: Interview with Her Excellency Jan Thompson OBE

HMA with her “embéčko”. Courtesy of the British Embassy in Prague, used with permission

By Markéta Šonková and Anna Formánková

Her Majesty’s Ambassador Jan Thompson has been in the Czech Republic for almost four years. Although she has spent lengthy periods in tough places, including war zones, during her diplomatic career, her job in Prague is no walk in the park either: she has to make sure that the relationship between the UK and the Czech Republic stays strong while Britain transits from an EU state into a non-member state. The topics of Markéta Šonková’s and Anna Formánková’s diplomatic interview were not only Brexit, but also Shakespeare, the position of a woman in diplomacy, as well as why there are cats at the British Embassy in Prague. Read more


by Bára Skorkovská

The internet connects people, making the spread of new ideas and comparison of lifestyles easier than ever. But with all the new and exciting information comes the fear of being lost in the wide world, of being forgotten, and of not living life to the fullest. Many people spend the most productive parts of their lives working to acquire the money to enjoy the rest of it, only to discover that their life slipped between their fingers as they were working a dull job or spending money on useless items. Maybe because of this uncertainty and anxiety that affect mainly younger generations, the spread of alternative lifestyles is becoming a new trend. One of those is minimalism and the following article shall explain the art of letting go of the worthless to make space for things that really matter.

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Fanart Activism: Fan Participation as a Tool for Representation and Diversity Awareness

by Tereza Walsbergerová

Watching a film or a TV show, listening to a podcast, or reading a book, every once in awhile there comes a

Watching a horror movie – by Jay “tacogrande”

point when one thinks, “dang, I wonder if any character in this will ever look, feel or act like me.”. At that point, many turn to fanfiction – a great source of elaborate studies of minor and supporting characters as well as alternative scenarios or additional narratives that never “made it” into the original work. Often in tandem with fanfiction, one may also encounter fanart – certainly a more conspicuous kind of online fan participation. Not only is fanart more accessible to those who do not want to spend their evenings reading pages of text, but due to its visual character it has much bigger potential of becoming a special kind of sociopolitical activist tool by raising awareness about representation and diversity amongst fans of all ages from all over the world. This article focuses on this specific role of fanart by introducing three different artists and their works within three different American fandoms. Read more

Letter from Abroad: Greetings from Washington

By Natália Poláková

Bellingham downtown – Courtesy of Denisa Krásná

In the first place, I don’t want you to get confused. I am writing from Bellingham, in the State of Washington, home to Western Washington University, not Washington D.C., home to President Trump. This place rather wants to distance itself from Trump – but I will get to politics a bit later. Read more