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November 2017

Building a Bridge between Theory and Practice: An Interview with Justin Hall

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by Blanka Šustrová


What was your first contact with comics? A humorous strip in the newspaper or a comics magazine you persuaded your parent to buy for you? Justin Hall, a cartoonist and an Assistant Professor in Comics at the California College of Arts, grew up with comics. Thanks to the Fulbright Program, he came to the Department of English and American Studies last year and taught a course on comics, which is still a rather new academic field. Being a creator as well as a scholar, his goal is to build a bridge between these two worlds of theory and practice. Rean on and discover the origins of comics, Justin Hall’s own work, how the medium might evolve in the near future and enjoy the recommendations.

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The History of American Animation

in Views

by Zuzana Motalová


Animation. It is present everywhere, from advertisements and PC games to feature films. Some believe that its development has already reached its peak, many more expect that both the artform and the technology behind it will continue to develop. Sometimes, however, it is good to look back to the history as well.

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The concept of post-truth in Donald Trump’s White House

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By Markéta Šonková


No Muslim Ban February protests in Washington DC by Ted Eytan, (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Political populism is, yet again, on the rise. Be it Marine Le Pen in France, the recently defeated Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, our own president Zeman, or Brexit. Terms such as “post-truth” and “alternative facts” have been creeping into the political discourse and established themselves as powerful tools of the populists. So what is the situation like at the court of the king of political ramble, The Donald?

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I Would Not Have Dreamt of an English Academic Career: An Interview with Professor Milada Franková

in Interviews

by Michaela Medveďová, Anežka Hrežová

Imagine studying English during the period it was considered to be the “enemy” language. Few English-spoken movies, restrictions on books, and scarce contact with native speakers. This is what the Department of English and American Studies looked like in the sixties when Professor Milada Franková was a student here. Now, being one of the most valued members of the Department, she offers an insight into the struggles and joys of a different era. Keep Reading

The Power of Virtual Reality

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by Patrícia Iliašová


Although I can hear the voice of the instructor, who hands me the controllers of the HTC Vive while explaining which button does what, I find it very easy to forget the reality around me. The small, rather dark room along with the people in it quickly disappears and one forgets how they look with headphones over their heads and a rather large headset attached to the computer with a cable that casually hangs above them. Not even occasional laughs are a great disturbance when the elevator doors open up and I find myself on the top floor of a tall business centre, with the view of the entire city below me, but with only a thin plank for me to stand on. The instructor dares me to jump, but my knees are trembling, and I can feel my heartbeat becoming quicker, although I am aware of the fact that I am still in that room and the plank is just an illusion. Keep Reading

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