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Linda Krajčovičová

Overview of University Students’ Mental Health

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by Linda Krajčovičová

The topic of mental health has enjoyed a significant rise in popularity in recent years, which is slowly resulting in people’s improved and more profound understanding of the matter. Struggles with mental wellbeing are experienced by people from various spheres of life, at various ages, and to various degrees, and university students are no exception. Despite the impression that young people are generally “healthier” than the older generations, being young poses its own threats which can have a huge impact on people’s mental health. This article looks primarily at the United States and the Czech Republic, and compares the state and the development of university students’ mental health in recent years. It also tries to see whether the role universities in these two countries play in helping students who struggle mentally is sufficient or not. 

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Water Problem in the United States

in Views

by Linda Krajčovičová

Olya Kobruseva, Pexels, CC BY 4.0


Although access to drinking water is virtually unlimited for the majority of people, a significant part of the world’s population is not so lucky. The misleading consensus that the lack of safe drinking water is exclusively the problem of developing countries has been present in western societies for many years, and it can be argued that such conviction has made these societies quite careless and negligent. This article focuses on one of the most progressive countries of the world – the United States of America, and shows examples of the problems that such an attitude can lead to.  Keep Reading

Vegans’ Milky Way: The Rise of Dairy Substitutes in UK Context

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by Linda Krajčovičová

Dietary restrictions in today’s world are partly a result of advanced medical knowledge of numerous food intolerances, and partly a result of people’s interest in trying out different lifestyles. The popularity of various diets is largely a result of the great availability of resources, such as substitutes like tofu or gluten-free bakery products. Dietary restrictions nowadays are primarily concerned with omitting animal products, either completely, or to some degree. The concept of veganism has slowly become a stable conversation topic in recent years and has influenced many people since its origin. This article focuses on the most common vegan food eaten by both vegans and non-vegans i.e. plant-based milk, and provides a brief characterisation of the most accessible types. Keep Reading

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