Anna joined Re:Views as a second-year BA student of English Language and Literature combined with Media Studies and Journalism. But not even two majors are enough for her so she actively participates on many after-school activities. She teaches small children English, is a member of an international student organization, spends time with seniors and every week she has her own talk show on a student radio station. And of course, she writes for the Re:Views Magazine. Apart from all those apparent hobbies as literature and languages – as those are the subjects of her studies – she is also very much into sports and travelling. She loves both friends and Friends – she just can’t decide which of them more.
She doesn’t like those getting-to-know activities when you tell others your characteristics based on the letters of your first name. The fact that her name consists basically of two letters only may be the reason. But if/since you are asking, she is attractive and admirable.